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Free Credit History - Companies have become sources for educating the public on managing debt, and hints for improving their financial scores. This can be especially important if a large purchase, such as a mortgage, is in the horizon. One of the many helpful hints to their clients, credit check service companies remind people to shred pre-approved offers and any unused card checks they receive in the mail. These offers or checks could be picked up out of the trash and used by anyone claiming to be that person. People know what they owe and to whom, but might like to know about people who have checked their financial status for promotional purposes, or how their payments are being recorded.

Free Credit History, Construction loan companies differ in their lending patterns. Mortgage lending is based at maximums of 80% to 90% of current value of the property. Construction loan lenders use estimated future value of the property to compute the amount of loan that could be sanctioned. The cost of the construction project also plays a determining part. Construction to permanent financing involves automatic conversion to mortgage loan on completion of construction activity. Once the certificate of occupancy is furnished, the construction loan moves into the mortgage-financing scheme. The greatest advantage with this type of construction loan is that application or processing fees were reduced. Opting to a rate-lock agreement could prove to be advantageous to the buyer, especially if the interest rates were showing an upward trend. But it is also possible to get a better mortgage loan deal albeit at a higher rate to the construction loan.

Control your Credit Card Debt. Although credit cards are an important step in establishing your credit history, it is detrimental to your credit score to carry balances that account for more than 25% to 35% of your total credit line. For example, let’s say you have a credit card with a $10,000 limit. Once you exceed a balance of $2,500 to $3,500, your credit score is adversely affected. For this reason it is not always advisable to consolidate credit card debt onto one low interest card. Many people credit card hop their debt from one zero interest card to the next, often unknowingly harming their credit score. Depending on your particular situation, it might be better to spread your debt over a few low interest cards. Don’t Close Unused Accounts. If your accounts are clean, then the older they are, the better they are for your score. A portion of your credit score is tabulated by taking an average age of your lines of credit. If you don’t use an account, just forget about it and let it raise your score for years to come.

Free Credit History, Credit bureaus only compile the data reported to them; they do not verify the accuracy of that data. It is the responsibility of the credit grantor and consumer (that's you) to ensure that the credit record is accurate.

Credit counseling will hurt your credit score. The FICO model does not take into account any references to credit counseling. This changed 3 years ago, after research showed that those who underwent credit counseling did not default on their debts more than anyone else. However, some companies see the reference to credit counseling and will not offer you credit, while others may offer you a higher interest rate.

Credit repair agencies offer the assurance of a better life with an improved credit rating. The Federal Trade Commission recently issued a statement saying that credit repair agencies that advertise these pledges in an effort to get money from consumers are committing fraud. Think twice before you pay someone to try to remove the negative information from your report. The truth of the matter is that no person or company can legally remove accurate items from your report for a fee.

Free Credit History - credit report is riddled with late payments and “maxed-out” credit cards, or if you have no established credit history at all, it will cost you money in the long run. If your credit report and credit score reveal to lenders that you pose a potential risk, they will add a premium to the money you borrow to protect themselves. Individuals with bad credit scores pay dramatically different interest rates (and thus, dramatically different monthly payments) on similar loan amounts than their good credit score counterparts.

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Credit scores are just as important as credit reports—they provide credit grantors with a quick, numeric summary of your creditworthiness. Credit scores are calculated using the information in your credit report and are generated via computer. The basic principle behind a credit score is that your credit past plus your credit present can predict your credit future. In general, the higher your credit score, the more “credit-worthy” you appear to potential lenders.

Free Credit History, Credit Types: Most people have a mixture of types of credit, from credit cards and department store accounts to mortgage loans. So to keep your rating high, you should avoid having only one or two kinds of credit.

Web Credit Report

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